Hands-On, Trauma-Informed Education

For many years, it has been a dream of Back2Back staff to open and operate a trauma-informed, Back2Back school. This became a reality when construction began in 2019. Over the course of several years, amidst construction delays and working around illness and weather, the main portion of the school is complete!

“The original plan was for the school to be predominantly for preschool aged children,” shared Julie Mowery, Back2Back India Director. “However, the more we saw how COVID and so many changes in education plans affected the older children, we realized it would be beneficial to have a more hands-on impact in their education, allowing higher education opportunities to be more obtainable.” 

Recently, Back2Back staff held an inauguration of the school. A  plaque was presented declaring its opening, and a small ceremony was held to inform local leaders about the school’s goals for children and teens.

Eventually, it will be an educational home to three levels of preschool and first through tenth grade. Six more qualified and called teachers are needed, and everyone involved is excited for what the school will provide for its students. Every child who lives full-time on the campus will attend, and it will also be an available option to three surrounding villages. The attending students from local villages will have the opportunity to become part of the Strong Families Program in India!

The first year, which will be the next school year, will focus on first through tenth class and then preschool classes will follow after. Please join Back2Back in jubilation as the school will set a new path for children and educators alike as they approach each class with diligence, a hands-on approach, and an ultimate goal of preparation for higher education.