A Long-Awaited Groundbreaking

For over 13 years, Nigeria staff have dreamt of opening a trauma-informed, Back2Back-run school for the children they serve. The hindrance to making this a reality has been a lack of relationship and resources. In early May, staff, U.S.-based site Director, and community members gathered as ground was broken and construction commenced on Nigeria’s very own trauma-informed school.

Children served by Back2Back, staff children, and even those from the local community will all have a place at Back2Back’s new trauma-informed school over the next three years. “The hope is the younger grades will begin as early as this coming school year,” shared Meredith Messer, Back2Back staff.

Neighboring community leaders came for the ground breaking, bringing much excitement for the school’s plans. “They just kept saying how touched and encouraged they were that God is making an impact in Nigeria through Back2Back,” shared Meredith. “They are eager for the opening of the school and what this means for local communities who will be positively changed by the trauma competency at the forefront of every classroom.”

This project has the children excited and focused on excelling in school, is greatly anticipated by surrounding communities, and is already providing a number of jobs to nationals who will help in the construction process. Please join Back2Back in prayer over this new venture and all the growth and opportunity it will present, and keep your eyes open for an update in Back2Back’s 2022 magazine!