Better When We Are Together

The island in the middle of the kitchen and the round, white tables just outside it are becoming sacred ground. What was once simply a church in Price Hill has become a gathering space for children after school to play games, eat food prepared specifically for them, and to connect with both their peers and safe adults. While their children are in school, though, the island and tables transform into a safety net for mothers between the ages of 19 and 40. They are equal parts counselor’s office and sitting with your best friend in her home. Together, moms from all walks of life, from various cultures, gather together every Monday, and divisions and differences dissipate in the name of belonging.

In May of 2021, Back2Back Cincy staff started a moms group every Monday for an hour and a half. Kaylee Yoder and Emma Martinez lead the group of women in building relationships and understanding the inherent value of community. “We wanted the women to know they aren’t alone and that, in my cases, they are going through very similar situations at the same time and don’t even realize it,” shared Kaylee and Emma.

Every Monday, the group meets for coffee and conversation, cooks a meal together to take home, and ends their time with a game. Over the last year, around 10 women have regularly attended classes; the numbers fluctuate each week, and there is often a new face or two as the moms grow more comfortable and invite others into a growing community.

Recently, a few of the moms who work third shift wanted to offer their gratitude to the staff and the relationship building they’ve done. They took time out of their sleeping schedule to make homemade tamales for the staff team.

“Tamales take several hours to make,” shared Emma. “We knew when they brought them in they’d sacrificed their rest to give something back; it was a gift to us, and they were so delicious!”

This tangible gift from the moms is just one example of how they are each growing emotionally and socially. They’re learning they possess talents they can offer openhandledly to those around them, and they better understand they’re not alone, in all the highs and lows of life.

Please join Back2Back in praying these connections continue to grow stronger among the moms and staff. Pray every Monday would serve as a blessing and reminder that we are all better when we are together.