Following with Persistence

The Back2Back Transitions Program is set up to help young adults truly succeed in their lives after living in children’s homes or family-style homes through the Hope Education Program. In Nigeria, the Transitions program’s goal is to offer understanding on the ins and outs of independent living. Whether meal planning, grocery shopping, building a resume, or managing time well, young adults have safe spaces to ask questions and learn from trusted adults. 

Many students in the program are attending university, however the school systems in Nigeria are often under duress; short staffing, building closures, and strikes make attending classes difficult, leading to delayed graduations. Often, students will give up in frustration and move on to get full-time work. 

Recently, Back2Back helped celebrate the first university graduate! This young man was persistent in his work and leaned on the support from Back2Back staff, and his hard work paid off! As he settles into a new job post-graduation, he is already planning to save money for his Master’s Degree.

Two other young men in the Transitions Program are in similar positions. Their graduation dates have been pushed back, but they aren’t giving up. On days they are unable to attend university, they serve with Back2Back staff and other local ministries. Each young man saved their money to get their driver’s license and have started driving children and staff to and from events or school when they need a ride. This brings purpose to their days, allowing them to build relationships and lead by example for the younger children they transport.

In his spare time, one of the young men takes online photography classes. It has long been a passion of his, and he wanted to make good use of his down time by building on an already natural talent. He is now the photographer for most Back2Back-hosted events and is even being hired for freelance jobs.

Life skills are an imperative lesson the Transitions students learn, but they also understand the value in using their voices boldly and following their God-given talents with persistence.