New Spaces and Growing Compassion

Earlier this year, a tragic fire overtook a partnering children’s home in Monterrey. While the children and caregivers who call it home weren’t injured, Daniel, the home’s Director and his son were. Christian eventually succumbed to his injuries,  and passed earlier this year. 

The aftermath of the fire has been traumatic and difficult. The consistency of faithful caregivers and dedicated mental health professionals are leading the way for healing for every child and adult impacted by this tragedy.

Caregivers are working hard to reinforce rhythms and get back to a day-to-day schedule. They’ve set up daily prayer times to reinforce a community mindset focused on healing, processing loss, and asking for recovery for those injured. Daniel has been making positive steps forward in his healing. He currently lives off-site, recovering and grieving alongside his family.

As therapists and trusted adults help each child re-adjust and process their emotions, they are looking to the future for ways to honor what has been lost, while still holding fast to the immovable values of the home. Together, they constructed a space for making music for the children. It’s called “Christian’s room” after Daniel’s son, who loved music, mentored many of the children through worship music, and learning new instruments. He will be remembered and honored in this space.  

“Here children will  learn more about music – how to read it and play various instruments,” shared David Cobos Ochoa, Back2Back staff. “It will be filled with after school activities and lessons for the piano, guitar, and banjo.”  While Daniel knows about the room, it was a surprise for his wife and daughter, and was unveiled in a special ceremony for the family.

Advocacy, prayer, and faithful sponsorship makes spaces like this possible, as well as the integral emotional and physical healing needed for the children, caregivers, and directors of the home. Please join us in prayer for ongoing healing and recovery and for comfort for Daniel and his family.