The Encouragement He Needed

“Father, we ask You to be over Daniel* today as he takes his national exams,” said Nehemiah Gandu, Back2Back staff and Hope parent. “We ask boldly that you would help Daniel pass his exams on the very first try, and we pray these things in Your name.” Nehemiah and Daniel whisper “amen” together and quickly hug.

Daniel is wrapping up his senior year of high school, and in preparation for college, is taking several national exams to move forward with his education. Recently, before his first major exam, his Hope dad prayed with him. “Most of the high school students do not pass all the subjects the first time,” explained Nehemiah. “Our students typically have to take their exams  twice to pass all their subjects.”

As Daniel walked into the testing center, he recalled Nehemiah’s prayer and encouragement and repeated his words of affirmation. I can do this, Daniel thought to himself. He went inside, remained calm through the testing period, and left feeling confident.

We are excited to share Daniel passed his national exams the first time and he counts Nehemiah’s prayer as the encouragement he needed.  The power of prayer and sponsorship make stories like these possible. Faithful and safe adults who give their time, energy, and love to vulnerable children allow those children to succeed in new ways.