Striving for Success

Suhani* has lived on the Back2Back campus for eight years. To those who don’t know her well, she comes across as quiet, but inquisitive. Her soft spoken nature requires visitors and friends, alike, to lean close to hear what she has to say, but like so many who speak softly and sparingly, what she does say is important.

Recently, all the children returned from their home villages to the campus with which they’re familiar. After months of living and learning away from the staff and caregivers who are like family, there were obvious gaps in their learning. 

“The lack of a regular schedule and having to log on virtually for classes took its toll on their education,” explained Amos, Back2Back staff. When children returned to the campus, they were met with familiar faces in their caregivers, and also were introduced to five new teachers to help them in their educational journeys. In addition to five new teachers on staff, child sponsorship funds were used to invest in an online learning platform developed by India’s best educators called Byjus. 

Byjus allows students to do school wherever they are and has video content for science, math, and social studies. Children watch the lessons at their own pace, with the goal of empowering them to rewatch something if they need better understanding. Staff are able to measure who is completing the lessons and see where further educational gaps lie.

Suhani, along with the 32 other children on campus, returned in early August and jumped back into regular school schedules and tutoring sessions as they’re needed. Suhani began her lessons and ended up scoring the highest in testing among her classmates. Her high scores allowed her to participate in Byju’s All India level scholarship test! The winner receives a full scholarship for a year based on test performance.

In and out of the classroom, Suhani is a bright, kind young woman who has set goals for herself and works hard to achieve them. Her high scores and dedication to her education are a testament to the power of sponsorship. Please join us in prayer over Suhani’s test and scores and that she would continue to strive toward her future.