Learning to Care for Others

“SURPRIIIIIIISE!” The teen girls yelled gleefully as Rosa Porto, Back2Back staff, walked into the room. Her eyes lit up with excitement as the teen girls from Hope House 5 in Mexico swarmed her with hugs and happy birthday wishes.

Earlier this year, the teens were cared for by Rosa when their Hope parents were in quarantine. Although challenging to be away from their house parents, they grew a strong connection with Rosa, who has long served vulnerable children with Back2Back.  She cared for them,  helping with homework and keeping their schedule going while away from their Hope parents. When it was time for them to return home, the girls left knowing another safe adult was rooting for them.

Rosa was in the Cincinnati office for her 50th birthday, so with the help of their house parents, the teens organized a surprise party for Rosa to ensure she felt properly celebrated in the place she calls home.  Rosa was completely surprised, and the girls proved they’re learning to care for others and celebrate the people most important to them. This growth would not be possible without the support of safe staff, sponsors, advocacy, and prayer.