Equipped for Their Futures

Haiti has suffered great turmoil in the last several months. Political unrest, COVID breakouts, the president’s assassination, tropical storms, and a sizable earthquake have made day-to-day life difficult and unpredictable. For students across the country, navigating educational changes in the midst of these challenges has caused stress.

A young man in the Hope Program was in his final year of high school in the midst of natural disasters and lockdowns, thus requiring school delays and closures. His graduation and final government exams were rescheduled. Some teens may have let these cancellations hinder their performance and desire to finish well, but Noel* wouldn’t allow himself to become a statistic. He studied through the delays, knowing when they were rescheduled, he needed to be ready. Recently, Noel and Back2Back staff received the exciting news that he passed his exams and is officially a high school graduate!

His next step is collecting necessary documentation to apply to a local university. He hopes to study Social Work, and if he’s accepted, will begin in November! Please join us in celebrating this achievement alongside Noel, who accredits his success, in part, to faithful staff, sponsors, and prayer.

The Hope Program is also celebrating connection and deepening relationships for the only female Hope Student, Phara*. Phara joined the Hope Program two years ago, but recently moved in with new House parents in August.

Leading up to her moving in, Back2Back staff created connections between Phara and her House parents through group activities and special outings. Midjine and her husband excitedly prepared their home to welcome Phara and took intentional steps to get to know her leading up to her move-in date.

An important part of the program is instilling life skills in each student to ensure they’re set up for success once they exit the Hope Program. Right now, Pharah and her Hope mom, Midjine, are working together on food management. They’re making grocery lists together and visiting the markets to purchase food. After several times of going together, Phara went on her own, implementing the lessons she learned from her Hope mom. Phara is also learning how to cook – both for herself and for a family.

Faithful advocacy and sponsorship allows real life lessons to be learned in and out of the Hope homes for the teens. We look forward to seeing all the ways these lessons will equip each young adult as they set out on their own.