A Special Place for Everyone

Back2Back’s first trauma-informed school recently celebrated its first round of graduates. The school has become a safe space for students to learn and also grow emotionally with the help and guidance of their teachers. As the school begins to grow and students flourish within, staff are continually looking for ways to use all the space available to help nourish relationships and growth for every child.

“The rooftop of the school has been an empty space for a while,” shared Kristen Hallahan, Back2Back staff. “As we made each space a safe one for the students, we knew we wanted the rooftop to be a really special place for everyone.”

In August, there was an all-staff work day set aside just for the rooftop. Staff cleaned and prepped the open space and then laid down turf across the whole roof! Soccer goals were installed on either end of the roof, and it’s currently a recess space for the students during their school days.

Staff are excited for the ways it’s currently being used and look forward to hosting cookouts, soccer matches, and as a space for devotionals with parents and special events. “It is a common space to share and grow within community,” shared Kristen. “It’s also a space where the students can really play like children should and feel safe while doing so.”

Faithful partnership and advocacy make spaces like this possible for our students to grow and connect safely and is another reminder they are known and loved.