A Once Familiar Place

Samuel* walked around behind David* in the new space. “This will be your room, this is the living room . . .” David pointed each room out as they walked through the family-style apartment. Samuel arrived for the tour feeling defeated and frustrated. He lived at Rancho prior to entering  the Hope Education Program, where he has been for the last several years. As his time there comes to a conclusion, he is still unable to live completely independent.  He is now returning to live again at Rancho, but this time with more responsibility. 

As he was shown around his new home, he realized things were different now. Those who call Rancho home live in family-style apartments, with their own rooms, their own clothing, and their own responsibilities. He felt his frustration give way to excitement as he saw the new space and met the family living there.

Samuel officially moved into his new home in mid-August. Now, two of Samuel’s jobs are to cut the grass and help out at the 12 Stones Resource Center, located on the same property. He does these small jobs for money, allowing him to save for what he wants and invest in his surroundings. This, combined with his new living quarters, makes a once familiar place seem entirely new. 

Please join us in prayer that family-style living and consistent care provides the hope he, along with every child, needs to thrive.