Now He Can

At the age of 13, Manuel* moved into a Back2Back-operated home. He arrived at the home with intellectual disabilities and had difficulty walking. During his time there, Manuel received physical therapy and at 17-years old, walked on his own. This was a testament to effective and consistent therapy and safe care.

Once he reached age 24, with the blessing of therapists and caregivers, Manuel entered the Back2Back Hope Education Program, living in a family-style home with two other young men with special needs. During his time in the Hope Home, he developed social skills and eventually got a job working in a local bakery. His punctuality and hard work earned him an Employee of the Month award several times over during his four years there.

Manuel has improved both emotionally and physically and is now transitioning to independent living. “He is working hard to maintain a budget, show up to work on time, and purchase items for his home,” shared Bailey Prescott, Back2Back staff. Manuel has purchased, on his own, a refrigerator, a washing machine, and a television. He is excited for this next stage in life – living on his own in an apartment his Hope Parents helped him find. This move, while exciting, has not come without trepidation for Manuel.  But he is thankful to be surrounded by safe, loving adults who know his capabilities and have equipped him for this new chapter.

Join Back2Back in celebrating this milestone for a talented and capable young man who has worked hard to beat the odds. This is the power of sponsorship, advocacy, and prayer – a child’s “never will be able to” is transformed into “now he can.”