Empowered Caregivers Empower Children

Children are empowered when caregivers lead by example, and model making needed change. This is vital to providing care for vulnerable populations. It teaches taking initiative and having ownership over their lives. 

Recently, sponsorship funds empowered caregivers at a partnering children’s home to lead exercise classes everyday after school. Together, they train in calisthenics, boxing, and weight lifting. While their physical health is a priority, the classes also allow for connection and encouragement to flourish. The young men use their strength and voices to lift up their peers and caregivers during the training. 

The classes are held on the outdoor plaza, which recently was extended with the help of sponsorship funds. This allowed the expansion of the courtyard area, so all the boys and caregivers can share the space in recreation together.

The physical health of each young man at the home is also supported by a balanced, organic diet. The children recently planted and now tend to an organic garden, where they harvest vegetables like radishes, carrots, lettuce, and spinach. The vegetables are healthy, and the garden gives each young man an opportunity to invest in their home and bodies.

These are a few small examples of how sponsorship empowers young men to grow into invested, active, and responsible adults.