Standing Tall

When Joseph* arrived at a partnering children’s home, he was intelligent and energetic from the start. The now eight-year old came to the children’s home a year and a half ago, and spoke very little English. Blessing, one of the tutors at the home, tutored Joseph and a few of the other children in English. Staff at the home were surprised and encouraged that he learned quickly and exceptionally well.

In his time at the home, Joseph has learned how to read, write, and speak in English nearly fluently. “I am amazed at how well he articulates and shares his own story,” shared Plangkat Felix, Back2Back staff. Joseph spends his down time reading his Bible and is able to finish his homework completely on his own now. “He is a young man thriving in all the areas we want to see the children growing,” Plangkat said.

Joseph has great interest in singing and dancing, and he loves music so much he expressed a desire to learn more. Shortly after, he started taking keyboard lessons and even competed in a local dancing competition, winning the award for best dancer!

“Joseph is standing tall among his peers, even though he is technically one of the smallest boys in the home,” shared Plangkat. He recently took advantage of the rainy season and grew both plants and several types of vegetables. They are flourishing – like the young boy who took the time to cultivate their growth.

Joseph is one example of a redeemed child, whose story of trauma didn’t define him. His flourishing testifies to what happens when a space becomes safe.