Putting Names to their Feelings

For nearly 25 years, Back2Back has pursued orphaned and vulnerable children holistically. In this way, when a child is cared for, every part of their growth matters – from how tall they grow, to their dental check-ups, therapy appointments, and extracurricular interests.

Back2Back staff in Mazatlan have started hosting “extracurricular day” in pursuit of holistic care. Once a month, staff and students gather at Back2Back’s trauma informed school. The students choose a skill or hobby they would like to learn more about.

One of the activities they can choose from is an art therapy workshop. Magda, Director of the Hope Education Program, is a former art therapy teacher at an addiction rehab center. “I began working in group therapy settings, specifically doing art therapy, and each workshop was focused on the patient expressing what they weren’t able to say with words,” Magda shared. “They learned over time to become cognizant of their stories.” Madga wanted to bring this opportunity of healing and learning more about themselves to the children and teens Back2Back serves.

She works tirelessly to make her art therapy classes a peaceful, relaxing space where her students can develop their self-esteem, practice healthy peer relationships, and emotional expression. They are learning these skills through painting, sculpting, using play-doh, and other diverse materials. “My wish is that each student would learn to uniquely express themselves in each activity.”

There have only been two classes so far, but Magda loves the fun the children and teens are having, expressing themselves in a safe environment. Together, everyone is growing their self-awareness and emotional capacity. “What I like most about art therapy is we project what we feel in our subconscious, and with art, we can put a name to how we feel and discover what we need to work on in the healing process.”

One day, one new skill, one painting at a time, we pursue healing together.