No Hits, No Hurts, Have Fun!

Sponsorship provides many things to children at partnering children’s homes around the world. Nutritious foods, a room to call their own, necessary school supplies, and spiritual development are just a few ways children receive care through dedicated giving. Another valuable piece of sponsorship and what it offers is medical care. 

Recently, Eddyson Mardy, Back2Back staff, took the teens at a partnering children’s home in Haiti for medical check-ups. This happens annually, and sometimes conditions are discovered and the teens need a little help to get back to their healthiest selves. One of the girls at the home was found to be anemic and has since started medicine to help.

“For a long while, Anna* didn’t show a lot of interest in participating when we did things together,” shared Eddyson. “She stayed in her room and was detached; I often had to go get her and encourage her to join us for activities. I realize now, her energy was low.”

Once Anna started taking medicine regularly to treat her ailment, staff saw a change in her activity level and desire to participate. Anna now intentionally asks what they will be doing together on Fridays. Eddyson and his wife show up consistently each week, seeking to remind every teen in the home they will continue to show up, no matter what happens.

Together, Eddyson, his wife, and Edalaine, the staff social worker, remind the teens to use their voices, respect themselves, and each other. Their consistency and stick-with-it-ness is paving a way for teens to connect with each other and the safe adults in their lives.

Sponsorship, prayer, and advocacy ensures teens receive the care they need – physically and emotionally, so growth is possible. Together, we are ensuring care for today and hope for tomorrow.