Medical Brigade Provides Holistic Care

A new resource center in Mazatlan is a growing space for therapies and classes for children and families. It recently hosted its first Medical Brigade.

“We wanted to tailor a medical brigade specifically for the children at one of the partnering homes,” shared Bailey Prescott, Back2Back staff. “Each child saw an ophthalmologist, dentist, and pediatrician, who all volunteered their services for the day.”

While the children waited for their appointments, they played among stations set up by Back2Back staff. They enjoyed an inflatable waterslide, an art station, a movie, and a trauma-informed station where they made a self-regulation craft. Together, staff served each child by creating space for their physical needs to be met.

Overall, the children were found healthy, and the opthamologist recommended glasses for several of them. Follow-up appointments were scheduled to meet those specific needs. The dentist addressed the problems she saw in real time, like pulling teeth and filling cavities. 

Together, staff and medical professionals, with the help of sponsorship funding, were able to provide social, emotional, and physical care to each child. It is the goal of Back2Back staff to make the resource center a place where the Lord and the community are served, and the medical brigade was a giant step to supporting this vision.