“I feel confident. . .”

The three dentists review the files of each patient they would see  that day. New to the clinic, which serves vulnerable children and families, they wanted to be as prepared as possible before they saw each person. On this particular day, they treated a sibling set of four, who previously lived in a partnering children’s home, but since have been reunited with their parents. Their file read of their last appointment, uncooperative, too frightened to complete check-up, moved around a lot.

The four siblings are now part of the Strong Families Program in Monterrey. They live at home, receiving the same holistic care from Back2Back as before, today under the supervision of their biological parents.  In preparation for their check-ups, the children described the office to their parents so they would know what to expect. They walked in bravely to the dental chair, showing there was nothing to be afraid of, and the dentists praised their bravery and well-mannered behavior.

All six family members received a check-up along with a follow-up care plan. The parents shared it was only their second time seeing a dentist in their lifetimes. This opportunity to be served in such a specific way touched their hearts deeply. 

Their father said, “I feel confident that better dental health will help me feel more secure about myself at work and give me courage to seek new friendships with others. Sometimes my imperfect smile stops me, and I never believed I’d have the chance to fix this insecurity.”

Strong Families Staff and the dentists realized just how important providing healthcare can be to vulnerable families and it really goes a long way in providing not just physical care, but social and emotional care, too. Together, we are providing care for today and hope for tomorrow!