Planting Something of Their Very Own

Earth Day is an internationally recognized day that celebrates and demonstrates support for environmental protection. This year, children at a partnering children’s home in Haiti gathered with a local agronomist to celebrate Earth Day in a unique way.

Weekenson Moise, Back2Back staff, wanted to celebrate the day and offer the children an investment opportunity in beautifying space they regularly use and having a stake in the property. He held a two-part event to celebrate both Earth Day and Agriculture Day. 

They visited a local nursery with the agronomist and learned what plants need to grow, how to properly plant them, and how best to take care of them. “It was an educational opportunity that also allowed the kids to get their hands dirty and have a part in something bigger than themselves,” shared Weekenson.

The children got an opportunity to each choose a plant of their own and were then taught step by step how to plant them on the Back2Back property where they often gather for swim days, playing, and learning opportunities.

The children planted various flowers, mangoes, avocados, papaya, and cherries. About two weeks after planting, they returned to see the growth. We are excited for the ways these plants will beautify a space built to serve Haiti and her people, and for the investment each child committed to in planting something of their very own.