Feeling Stability, Finding Hope

The girls at a partnering children’s home in India come from all over. Their families, nomadic herders by trade, are known for moving often and without much warning. This way of life makes education difficult, as the children aren’t often around for entire school years. Transitions can be difficult for everyone, but for nine young girls transitioning from a nomadic lifestyle, educational gaps were evident. Back2Back staff were ready to meet them head on.

“We had concerns about many of the girls, but Adya* especially,” shared a Back2Back staff member. “She struggled a lot in her studies, and she struggled with her memory capacity.” When India went on lockdown and schools closed their doors for in-person classes, the girls at the partnering children’s home were offered a unique opportunity. “The girls’ school didn’t offer online education during lockdowns, so staff and teachers at the home went into full-time teaching and caregiving mode,” staff shared.

Staff kept the girls’ schedules the same as if they were still in school. The hands-on learning helped Adya’s memorization skills, and staff saw a change in how quickly she grasped new lessons. As her educational capacity grew, her social and emotional tendencies matured. She shared with staff how much life had been a struggle – having enough food, having a place to sleep, and the stability of her situation now made her feel blessed. 

“I know my mother worked hard, but still life was a challenge. My hope is that what I am learning now will one day help me, so I can help my mom,” she shared. 

Staff are impressed and hopeful for the ways Adya and the other girls are dedicating their time and energy to growing educationally, socially, and emotionally under the direction of their faithful caregivers. Please join in prayer as this growth continues- that each girl who calls this home would break cycles of poverty, struggle, and hurt.