The Power to Speak

The three young children show a new, contagious confidence when they speak now. Previously, their talking was slow, labored – the children had to work hard to find the right words and put together full sentences. Staff at the partnering children’s home knew they needed assistance, and they needed it quickly.

Holistic care for vulnerable children can look like many things – hot meals at a family-style table, small groups of children memorizing a Bible verse together, or a one-on-one conversation about a hard day at school with a safe adult. Holistic care means the entire child is approached with careful consideration and offered safety and nourishment, both physically and emotionally. Another component of holistic care is providing therapies for the children. Whether physical therapy, mental health therapy, or speech therapy – sponsorship and advocacy provide medical professionals when they are needed. Recently, for three children at the home, speech therapy offered necessary assistance and a way of communicating that provides freedom.

“The children struggled to properly pronounce words, and their speech wasn’t ever fully clear to whomever they were speaking,” shared a staff member at the home. Their insecurity caused them to struggle with speech, and they were talking as little as possible, or very slowly. 

Therapy sessions have yielded positive improvement in their speech, pronunciation, and speed of talking, but what’s even more encouraging is the confidence boost staff have seen in each of the children. “They are more sure when they speak – talking clearly and with a renewed confidence,” staff shared.

This is the power of advocacy, prayer, and sponsorship in the lives of vulnerable children – it takes situations of self-doubt, transforming them into moments of clarity and healing. Together, this is something we most assuredly celebrate.