Finding New Community

As Hope Education Program students are returning to university and living away from the campus they’ve called home for so many years, they are building new and lasting relationships. One young man, Ari*, recently celebrated his birthday, but due to restrictions, his mentor wasn’t able to be with him in person. 

Birthdays have always been a momentous occasion for the children and teens in India, often marked by feeding a piece of cake to a safe adult who has made a lasting impact on their life. While Ari’s mentor sent a video wishing him a happy birthday, he was also celebrated by the other young men in his small group at church!

Together, they enjoyed cake and sang a birthday song to him. We celebrate every child as they grow in age, but also in maturity, education, and friendships. We are excited for the ways Ari and other teens his age are making connections in their new communities and schools – connections we are prayerful will last a lifetime.