Five Prayer Requests as the India Campus Reopens

After a year of a global pandemic, Back2Back staff recently welcomed four young ladies back “home” to campus! Schools are slowly opening back up for in-person classes across India, which means children are returning to campus to be with each other and the staff who have become like family over the years.

At the beginning of February, these four young ladies returned to school, and by sometime in March, all the children will return to campus who are in sixth, seventh, and eighth class. The few children in fifth class and younger are currently still with their extended families, but staff are working on government permission for them to return.

Five Prayer Requests We Have as the India Campus Reopens:

  1. The opportunity to process the last year face-to-face with the kids. We want to address their fears, answer their questions.
  2. That they would overcome their educational gaps incurred over a year without in-person class time.
  3. That their sibling-like relationships would be restored after a prolonged period of time apart.
  4. Reestablishment of spiritual rhythms much needed after a year of hard things.
  5. Reacclimating to the structure on campus, which ultimately will lead to their striving in and out of the classroom

Staff are excited to be serving and living life alongside the children face-to-face again, and the children are looking expectantly at a return to their normal way of life after a year of challenges and changes.

Educational care and the means to provide it are only possible with the dedicated sponsorship, advocacy, and prayer of people all around the world who care for children who call India home. Please join us in celebration and prayer as the children return to campus and to school. Pray for smooth transitions and for the children to return on track and ready to conquer the next lesson.