A Time of Earnest Prayer

The young ladies living in a Hope home together circled up in their living room. Their heads bowed, their hands clasped together, they prayed for a new Hope student arriving at their home. The Hope father opened his eyes to take in the scene: the girls in their care were fervent  with their prayers for the new girl- kind and thoughtful.  He felt a burst of pride and closed his eyes again to focus on God and listen.

While prayers for smooth transitions are to be expected when a new student comes to a Hope home, the teens at Devotion exceeded these expectations. Two of the teens, who’ve been at the home for the last two years, offered very specific, personal prayers.

“God help us to be good sisters,” one girl prayed. “Help us to lead the new girl well as she grows accustomed to a new home and routines.”

Another young lady prayed, “Lord, give strength to our Hope parents; we know how difficult it can be to raise eight teenage girls and three younger children all at one time. Give them patience and energy, Lord, and encourage them as they care for all of us.”

The Hope parents were humbled to overhear the prayers from the young women they’ve come to consider like family; they are grateful for the ways they see them grow spiritually and emotionally under their care. This growth and maturity is possible thanks to advocacy, sponsorship, and prayer. 

We look forward to the ways each of the girls will change the spaces and people around them through the power of prayer.