Growth is a Group Effort

Hector* and Oscar* are twin brothers who have lived in a Back2Back-run Mexican children’s home for 11 years. They received holistic care, therapies to help them grow in capability and emotional health, and love by caregivers and staff.

Reunification with biological families is always something Back2Back hopes for-  if the timing is right and the placement is a safe option. In years past, Hector and Oscar’s mom  voiced she was not ready to have both boys full-time, so she visited when she could and trusted her boys to be well cared for. 

Two years ago, their mom arrived at the children’s home to take the twins home. She was living three hours away at the time, but the staff did not let this deter how they offered care to both boys. Once a month, staff visited Hector, Oscar, and their mom in their family home, offering therapy and helping their mom where she needed it most. Hector struggled to feed himself and get around on his own, and it wasn’t an easy transition for his mom. With the guidance of faithful staff, she and Hector found a rhythm together.

While staff faithfully offered monthly care, they knew the twins and their mom would benefit from living closer to staff and receiving more regular care and therapies. The family was  encouraged to move closer to the children’s home, so all three could receive additional support. Eventually, the family moved three hours back to where the children’s home was located.

Hector can now feed himself and is growing physically and emotionally, with therapies happening three times a week. Oscar is pursuing different academic possibilities and is looking forward to finding a job that suits his interests and skills. The twins aren’t the only two growing and expanding their capabilities; their mom also receives therapy and is progressing in her emotional stability and harnessing her skills to better run a household with both boys home.

Progress like this is a group effort and only happens with persistent, consistent dedication.  Staff and therapists, together with the parents,  work for long-term care solutions and reintegration when it is the right option for the child. Advocacy, prayer, and sponsorship provide the necessary professionals and space to allow holistic care and growth to flourish. 

Please join us in prayer for Hector and Oscar, along with their mom and sister, as they navigate this new road of living together and growing one step at a time.