Pursuing Her Passions Through Art

Gloria* ran out of the children’s home with her hands full of colorful paper. She smiled brightly as she climbed into the awaiting Back2Back staff’s car, uttered a quick hola, and waited expectantly for the recipient of her gifts to comment on what they’d been given.

“Gloria is a natural artist,” shared Bailey Prescott, Back2Back staff. “Every time I pick her  up from the home, I receive new masterpieces, and they decorate my home.” Gloria enjoys painting, drawing, and crafting, and she finds great joy in giving her creations to those she loves. Bailey helps Gloria with school, and was looking for ways to nurture a passion in the young girl, when she received a flier for an art class.

“Around the time I saw the flier, I was discussing with fellow children’s home captains how to best meet the individual needs of each child we serve,” explained Bailey. While it wasn’t necessarily a “need,” Bailey and the fellow staff members thought enrolling Gloria in this class would develop her natural talent. It would also offer an opportunity to meet and connect with other children in her community.

Once a week, for two hours, Gloria attends her art class with the help of faithful sponsorship giving. With classical music playing in the background, the small group of children learn a new painting technique and then practice it at their own designated stations. When they finish, the children sign their artwork and let it dry. It’s an environment that teaches responsibility (cleaning up after themselves, focusing on their work) but also provides fun and encouragement.

Gloria loves art class and is growing her talent. After two classes, one of the teachers approached Bailey, informing her a woman in the neighborhood heard Gloria lived at a children’s home and wanted to sponsor future classes for another child. Gloria’s love for art is being nourished and fruitful connections are being made for other children to pursue their own passions.

Investments of prayer, sponsorship, and advocacy allow children like Gloria to truly flourish in the areas they are gifted. Thank you for investing in these ways and growing up artists around the world.