Lights, Camera, Action!

“The world has placed a lot of limits on the children we serve,” shared a Back2Back Captain in Nigeria. “Our goal is to help them break those limits.” Staff expose the children they serve to as much as possible, offering them a small view into what they can do, when they set their minds to it. “We know there are so many possibilities of what each child can become and achieve, and with the help of God, we move forward, trusting He will make possible what is meant to be.”

The children who go to the education center in Nigeria receive many opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have – they attend a school which sets them on the right paths to success, and they experience different skills and trades from the safe adults in their lives. Recently, they had another opportunity that was brand new and full of excitement.

The Back2Back U.S. office needed a video made, and they enlisted the help of Nigerian staff and children to get the job done. Three children who attend the education center, along with their trusted captain, were a part of the shoot as actors. A videography team was hired to come in and film, allowing the children to be in a professional setting and part of something that will be seen by people all over the world!

“Acting was a new experience for all three children,” the captain shared. “The children spent most of the day talking about being actors on TV and in movies.” One of the girls, Harmony* said, “Just wait until you see me on your TV one day, Aunty! You will say, ‘Oh! That’s my girl! I am so proud!” Harmony loved taking part in this project and unearthing new talents within herself.

Though the video is not yet finished, the children still talk about the day they got to be in front of a camera. Now they are able to add just one more opportunity to their lists of firsts, understanding they truly can be anything they want to be – no matter what the world would have them believe otherwise.

Faithful prayer and sponsorship allow opportunities just like this for children at the education center. Thank you for advocating and investing in each child, so they may know the sky is the limit for their dreams.