A Life Impacted Gives Back

Lupe* is in her final months as a college student, studying physical therapy, so she can realize her dream of stepping into the gaps to help others. She finishes her studying for the night and closes the text book. She stretches her arms and legs as she organizes things in her room and prepares to sleep for the evening. The room is familiar to her – it’s one she’s come home to for the last 12 years. At the end of long days, following celebrations, and when she needed a soft place to land, this was the room she returned to.

The room first became hers when she was 10-years old. She, along with a few of her siblings, came to a Back2Back partnering children’s home, Mama Paulita’s, for a new beginning. It was during her time at the home that she completed her elementary, middle, and high school careers. Her high school graduation brought her to a crossroads of a decision – move out and get a job, or continue to stay at the home and seek university education.

Lupe’s time at the home has been marked by her heart for serving others. She has always stepped into the gaps to help children younger than her, offering assistance whenever it was needed. “I have long been invested in while at Mama Paulita’s, and it is my desire to invest my time and energy back into children who are in a position I was once in,” shared Lupe.

Faithful generosity allows young women like Lupe to not only complete their educational dreams, but flourish within them. We are excited to see all the lives Lupe will change, and we thank you for all the ways your helping hearts created a heart yearning to help within her.