Kitchen Table Classrooms

Kitchen tables across the world were once used simply for gathering families and friends together for shared meals. Recent global events have taken the place where we set our plates down together and transformed them. Home offices, conference rooms, and the classroom have now taken up space on the kitchen table.

The Hope Students and their kitchen tables are no different. When schools moved to virtual learning in the midst of quarantine, the Hope Students gathered with their notebooks, textbooks, and laptops at their perspective kitchen tables. Each day, they joined each other to learn in new ways and to set and reach new goals.

Recently, house parents made a congratulations banner and hung it in their kitchen, because four of the teens in their home received top rankings in their class at the close of the school year! “Their house parents encouraged them to have enthusiasm for their school work,” shared Sara Jensen, Back2Back staff. “They know if the teens intentionally gave their school work their all, it would benefit them greatly.”

The four boys received the top three spots in their class, and couldn’t believe how well they did. “Normally, I just pass the classes; I’m never at the top of the class!” exclaimed Jose, a Hope student.

This excitement and achievement is made possible through your generous partnership. Without your ongoing support, students wouldn’t have had the resources to continue their schooling in a new way. Please join us in celebrating these four young men, and all Hope students, who put their best work forward and are now experiencing the payoff! Thank you for partnering in offering care for today and hope for tomorrow.