Holistic Care Growing Whole-Hearted Teens

Growing in Body, Mind, and Spirit

Holistic care is one of Back2Back’s top priorities in caring for vulnerable children. Our 5-Point Child Development plan ensures every child and teen is receiving care spiritually, physically, educationally, emotionally, and socially in order to not just survive, but flourish. A young man at Calvary Hope House is a true testament to what this holistic care model can do for the growth of one child.

Michael*, a Hope student, is showing significant growth through the holistic care he receives from his Hope parents. Samson, his Hope dad, recently shared, “Michael is growing into a mature young man in both wisdom and understanding relationship with each member of the family. He is also taking on more responsibility.”

Michael has recently started doing work and helping around the house before it is even asked of him; he doesn’t wait for instructions, he simply begins. A new way he offers help each week is by washing the family car in the morning, and he always does the job with a smile.

Each morning, Michael can be found spending time with God during morning devotions. When they worship together, he is readily found singing and clapping joyfully, and he also encourages others who sit quietly to truly praise! The boys in the home take turns leading their devotion time, and when Michael is leading, he prepares for days ahead of time, so he can share openly and with authority.

He takes his education seriously, studying diligently each night, and is an active member of the home, lending his hand when it is needed and encouraging the other boys with whom he lives. His Hope parents are excited to see so much growth in Michael and are confident in the ways he will continue to grow into a leader both in and out of the home.

Dedicated sponsorship and advocacy for teens like Michael make this growth possible. Thank you for taking part in providing care for today and hope for each tomorrow.

Helping Others and Offering Thanks

The young adults in Nigeria are learning how to manage and budget their own income. They’re also taking lessons they’ve learned about generosity and gratitude from their Hope parents into the new seasons in their life. Azi*, a former Hope student, and his younger sister, Orisa*, a Hope student, are examples of this growing generosity.

Azi recently noticed Orisa was in need of a new pair of shoes and decided to help her out by purchasing her a pair with his own money. Hosanna, Orisa’s Hope dad shared, “We are celebrating with Orisa and give Azi our thumbs up for helping his sister in such a purposeful way.”

Paul*, another young adult in the program, who also used to live at Agape Hope Home as a Hope student, now lives on the same property as the Agape Hope Home. Though he isn’t living under the roof of his former Hope parents, he still looks to his former Hope father for guidance and as a father figure. He recently wanted to show his love and gratitude to his Hope parents for all they have done, and continue to do, by treating them to lunch with his own money. It was an afternoon filled with conversation, guidance, and gratitude. Paul knows he has become the young man he is today, because of the support his Hope parents once offered him and all the ways they still guide and care for him as a young adult.

Advocacy and support for the young adults in Nigeria help make moments and memories like this possible. Together, with Hope parents and mentors, we are making a difference and building up strong, capable leaders in the young men and women we serve. Thank you.