A Call-Center Style Classroom

A Call-Center Style Classroom

The big room is generally abuzz with visiting mission guests and Sunday church services, but in recent weeks, it’s bustling for different reasons. Small tables have been set up perpendicular to each other on the grey, marble floors, and each caregiver has their own phone, paperwork, and schedule to follow every day. For all intents and purposes, the room is set up like a call center, but the conversations are far more relational than transactional.

A few months ago, thanks to generous sponsorship donations, tablets were purchased for every child served. Educational help has been offered from the beginning of lockdown mandates and school closures, but not all the children – who are home with biological families – had WhatsApp capability on their phones. This made educational assistance limited for some.

After each tablet was purchased, Back2Back staff installed safety software to keep the children safe and ensures only educational applications and tools can be used. They were then hand-delivered by the staff, and the children learned how to use them for school!

Each caregiver on the Back2Back campus has individual, one hour calls with four to five students each day. Every morning, the caregivers call their designated students to make sure they’re awake, showered, and ready for school. Together, they cover one subject in their designated hour through Google Classrooms. It is here the children meet with the caregivers, and also receive homework assignments to complete.

The dedication of the caregivers, along with the generous sponsor donations that purchased the tablets, are allowing every child to receive spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social care, even at a distance. While they miss being all together, and they miss the busy-ness of visiting teams and the fun that comes with them, no child on the India Hope Campus is questioning whether they are known and loved; they’re being reminded of it every day, through the care of the staff, sponsors, and the abilities of technology. Thank you.