10 things we pray for girls

Nov 5, 2019

Steph Duff

I recently read a blog by Ann Voskamp and the last line has stuck to my heart and brain like glue. “When a woman know she’s called, no one gets to call her anything that matters more than Him calling her His.” The idea of Jesus looking on me at any point and saying, “mine,” gives me the deepest thrill. 

As I consider this thrill, I think about the girls Back2Back serves in Mexico, Nigeria, Haiti, India, Cincinnati, and the Dominican Republic. I think about all they’ve yet to learn – about themselves and their Father. Many times I’m not sure how to pray for the children I’ve come to love and learn from, but as I consider the women in the Bible who teach by example, prayer becomes easier for the girls Back2Back loves and serves globally.

  1. I pray they are loyal, like Ruth. Ruth’s boldness in following her mother-in-law, Naomi, to a foreign land has marked her character for centuries. No matter how many times Naomi told her to turn back, and even after her sister-in-law did turn back, Ruth followed Naomi. I pray each of the girls served by Back2Back, will be known by her loyalty to her people.
  2. I pray they are obedient, like Mary. Imagine you’re Mary for a moment. Rule-follower, good girl, betrothed, and now carrying Jesus in your womb. Up against a fiancé who might’ve left her, a culture that might’ve turned their back on her, she still said yes. I pray each of the girls served by Back2Back, will say yes to God’s call every time, never mind the unknowns.
  3. I pray they are confident, like Esther. Made queen for her beauty, she risked it all to save her people, and is known for far more than her looks. She spoke boldly and fought for what was right, because she was the woman for the God-ordained job. I pray each of the girls served by Back2Back, will rest in knowing her confidence comes from God. 
  4. I pray they have a trusting heart, like Hannah. When we meet Hannah, she is desperate for a child, and her only resolution is to cry fiercely to her Father. She knew Who could provide and soothe her, and she sought Him above all. I pray each of the girls served by Back2Back, will seek the Father first, in trial and triumph.
  5. I pray they are generous, like Joanna. She was one of the named women accompanying Jesus, used her influence to make a way for His ministry, and provided for them out of  her means. I pray each of the girls served by Back2Back, will come to know the power of her generosity in the world. 
  6. I pray they know they are forgiven, like Mary Magdalene. Mary’s story of redemption is not one easily forgotten. Her walk with Jesus following her forgiveness is remarkable. I pray each of the girls served by Back2Back knows that, like Mary, no personal transgression can separate us from God’s love.
  7. I pray they are wise, like Deborah. The only female judge named in the Bible, Deborah was known for her wisdom and courage, for her faith and action as a woman. I pray each of the girls served by Back2Back, would seek God for wisdom and act bravely according to His calls on their lives.
  8. I pray they are bold, like Rahab. Rahab’s cunning, quick thinking saved citizens of God’s Kingdom, and she was welcomed in because of it. We do not always know what our bold acts of faith will lead to, but I pray each of the girls served by Back2Back, would act boldly because of their faith, and trust Jesus in the process.
  9. I pray they are engaged, like Priscilla. Priscilla faithfully served the church alongside her husband. She was invested and called to God’s work. She served faithfully the persecuted church. I pray each of the girls served by Back2Back, would clearly hear God’s call over her life and invest, regardless of the consequences. 
  10. I pray they possess a worshiping spirit, like Miriam. As the Israelites walked on dry ground, between parted waters, Miriam led in dance and song with a tambourine. She knew Who parted the seas, and wanted to glorify Him. I pray each of the girls served by Back2Back, would never overlook the Giver for the gift, and that praise would ever be on their lips. 

These named Biblical characters are just some examples of Godly women who did incredible things. The girls we serve names’ might not be known 2,000 years from now, but the impact they will have as daughters of Jesus will leave ripple effects of change in their parts of the world.

Steph Duff is a writer, daughter, sister, and really loud laugher. By day she lends her voice on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children with Back2Back Ministries. By night she is readily found with her nose in a book and spending time with her dog, Telulah. At all hours, she can be found consuming copious amounts of coffee. She feels most herself in the heat of India and prefers her mugs big, her books long, and her words intentional.

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