The Most Unassuming World Champions

She’s the most unlikely and unassuming star in the fastest growing sport in the world. The Serena Williams and Michael Phelps of her sport wrapped in a combination of energy, grit, determination, and humility.

What’s more, in a sport which prides itself on being among the most grueling and physically demanding in the world, Canadian Lindsay Webster is arguably the greatest Obstacle Course Racer of all time. (Although her husband, and OCR legend, Ryan Atkins might have something to say about that.)

Lindsay also had the trajectory of her life changed on a trip to Back2Back’s India campus in spring, 2018.

“The people I met in India were living in or had dealt with hardships I couldn’t even fathom, yet they were the happiest people I’d ever met. I realized I complain about the silliest things. It made me see life in a whole different way. It made me reflect on and appreciate everything I have – my marriage, my career choices, even my chores. India changed the way I see my life.”

Lindsay’s new perspective on life didn’t end in India, however. Spearheading the #ocrgivesback movement with the help of
Back2Back’s Steve McCollum, the world champion and face of OCR has come to embrace her growing influence.

“My trip with Back2Back changed my life forever. I realized I could be the difference in the lives of vulnerable children. I’m inviting the OCR family to join me.”

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