4 Questions with Tallie Betscher

My name is Tallie. I didn’t have to move to another country– I stayed in my hometown, and my role is the Child Sponsorship Program Manager (what a mouth-full!) I’ve been on staff with Back2Back for seven years.

1. Why did you join Back2Back?

I went on my first mission trip with Back2Back when I was 14. I’m actually not sure why I signed up to go, but on the first day I met a 3-year old girl at the children’s home named Karla. I spent all week holding her and can easily tell you Karla is the reason I’m here today.  After that week I never saw Karla again, but after Karla there was Lalo, and Ruth, and Daniel, and Paola, and Angel, and Bulus – just to name a few.  On any given difficult day, theirs are the faces I see when I wonder why I didn’t choose to be a professional travel blogger. 

2. What have you learned since you joined staff with Back2Back?

My time with Back2Back has taught me that as much as I want to help, the only one who saves is Jesus.  God uses me when I’m willing, but He doesn’t need me.  And I’m nobody’s savior.  Which in the end, is a real relief.

3. Share a funny or embarrassing moment when the culture you’re familiar with was met with new cultural traditions.

I once found myself as the only non-Nigerian at a birthday party in a Nigerian orphanage.  When the music started and everyone got to their feet, I realized just how much my culture had failed me when it comes to dancing.

4. What’s something you’ve learned from a fellow staff member you work alongside?

I’ve learned the value of turning off anything with an ‘on’ button, to be where I am.