10 Words I Am Planning on Saying More of in 2019

I am going to say “Yes” to people. In the end of Jesus’ ministry, we know more about the people He interacted with than the tasks He accomplished.


I am going to say “Sorry” more often.  With each year I am painfully more aware feeling right leaves me feeling empty. Feeling compassionate and contrite creates connection.


I am going to say “Help” (to Jesus, accountability partners, and my family) when I lose my rhythm between work and rest.  Asking for help will bring self-awareness, which will aid in restoring my rhythm.


I am going to say “Sure” while living out one of our family values: ‘if I can’t share it, I can’t have it.’ Having my hand open to the extent it’s sacrificial, will require graciousness I am hoping “sure” will usher in.


I am going to pray “Grace” for caregivers, foster and adoptive parents and other front-line workers. As I pray for them to feel His ‘grace and peace in abundance,’ I will whisper it over myself as well.


I am going to say, “Peace” as I enter into hard conversations or work to keep short accounts with those I care about. The enemy wants to demand his destructive way over God’s, but in the midst of chaos, as His child, I have the birthright of peace.


I am going to say, “No” and mute my gadgets more often. In the quietness that follows, I hope to hear the steady sound of the Spirit’s prompting, instead of the opinions and entertainment of the world.


I am going to say “Ok” and make the choice to be offended less. The Bible teaches it’s to our benefit to overlook an offense. Wouldn’t it be lovely to walk around and give away freely the benefit of the doubt?


I am going to cry “Enough!” for the vulnerable child.  I sometimes bite my lip and hold it in, but no longer. To the Church, within the Church, and for the Church, the rally cry grows: enough.


10 I am going to whisper, “Amen” to questions that surface and stories I don’t understand. I am going to believe this one word gives up my control to the One who holds in His hand, the year and the stories in it.