Christmas Is…

A Nigerian son, reading to his grandmother the Christmas story in English, having been taught to read in the village education center.  A Nigerian girl who this year will study high school and dream of a future as a nurse.

An Indian boy, who now sleeps through the night, feeling safe at the ministry campus.  An Indian mother, who sends her children to a feeding center, knowing they will be nourished in body and spirit.

A Mexican girl, shyly introducing her foster mother as family to her teacher.

A Mexican boy, running to his tutoring session, waving a good report card at his mentor, a local volunteer who tutors each week.

A Haitian girl, turning off the lights in her bedroom, made possible by the new solar panels hanging on the roof. A Haitian boy feeling safe to share his feelings in his nurture group.

A Hope Education graduate, happy to have a few days off from her new professional job.  A “strong family” attending together a Christmas celebration in Cancun, feeling supported by the Back2Back community who comes alongside of them.

A teen in Cincinnati, feeling heard by his mentor and encouraged about his future. A children’s home worker, feeling empowered to care for children after receiving the trauma competent care training.

Christmas is God’s best story, told all year through the thousands of prayers, gifts, and words you share with children around the world.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours…