The Benefits of a New Skill

The timer for the oven went off, and Max* walked over quickly as he silently said a prayer the bread wouldn’t burn. He opened the oven door and found perfectly baked hamburger buns. He smiled triumphantly to himself as he removed them from the hot oven.

In the summer of 2017, Max, a Hope Student, took a two-month baking class. Now, over a year later, he is seeing the benefits of the class in his professional life. Max has been working at Ley, a local supermarket, for the past two years. He was hired to clean the store, and he excels at it, but recently his boss learned of his baking experience. He offered him a new opportunity – a chance to work in the store’s bakery. At first, as he tried to bake hamburger buns, hot dog buns, and tortas, he burnt more than he didn’t, but determined to get it right, his perseverance helped him master the bread baking process!

His boss was patient as Max worked to get the bread right, giving grace when he burnt batches. He knew Max was a valuable asset and had growing skills, and now is considering moving him permanently to the bakery.

“This job has been a wonderful opportunity for Max, in mastering new skills as it requires he use and move his hands in different ways ,” shared Reyna, his Hope Mom.

Back2Back celebrates these new milestones and skills learned for each Hope teen, and we thank you for believing in them as well.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the teens we serve.