Growing Strong(er) Families

Four rows of teens sat on the floor, eyes focused on the teacher before them. Each boy and girl held a notebook and pencil in their lap. There are small posters on the walls around them designed to help during their studies. The room is new, but the teens are growing comfortable quickly. The solid walls and bright lights will help them prepare better for school and learn about their Father who provides all things, just when we need them.

Back2Back India’s Strong Family program is expanding in slum areas of Hyderabad. Goldie, the director of Christ for All Feeding Center, recently found a space for rent. She approached Back2Back staff about sharing payment responsibilities so together, widened programming options could be offered to Strong Families.

“We’ve been trying to figure out how best to move forward with the Strong Families Program,” explained the Back2Back India Director. “It’s been difficult to offer classes without a central location for everyone.” This new space is now where parents and children receive additional classes and activities in the evenings and on Saturdays.

During the day, the house is used partly as an extension of Goldie’s primary school and partly as a vocational training center, offering training through a sewing ministry. “For girls who never went to school, we want to offer them an opportunity to learn a trade in the hope of creating self-sustainability and contribute to their self-worth and dignity,” explained Goldie. In the evenings, children and parents in the Strong Families Program will use the community center for spiritual classes, tutoring, parenting classes, and health and hygiene classes.

Back2Back India is excited for this new opportunity to come alongside vulnerable families, offering tools for sustainability and future success. Please join us in prayer as we offer care for today and hope for tomorrow.