Building Community

On Children’s Day in Mexico, the Community Center of Tres Reyes was bustling with activity. Superheroes greeted the children as they entered the community center and were split into several small teams.

“Children from all Strong Families Programs were invited to the celebration,” shared Rodo Arguello, Back2Back Cancun Director. “A new relationship with a local school was strengthened when close to 70 children came for a celebratory event.”

Ten stations were set up – each one hosting a game requiring team work and communication. Children lined up, holding hands, and passed a hula hoop down the line without losing their grip. There were team jump rope competitions, and one station was a race to pop balloons tied around opponents’ ankles. Each child received a passport stamp when a station was completed. Hot dogs and veggies were served while teens from the local school performed songs from Disney movies.

“It was great to have all the children from the Strong Families Program in one place; the goal is to grow and build community among the children and their families,” shared Rodo. “It was exciting to see a local school invest in children and families alongside Back2Back.” The celebration ended with dance challenges, and then the families returned to their homes.

Back2Back Cancun looks forward to future celebrations with all families from the Strong Families Program in one place. If you would like to provide holistic care and fun for children and parents, consider sponsoring a child, or giving to the Care Fund.