A Humble Learner

Stephen headed towards Blessing’s house and prayed about the conversation he would have with her family. Blessing, a young girl newer to attending Igmin Kibe Education Center, recently took a test to determine grade placement at her new school. Before she attended Igmin Kibe, Blessing was in the sixth grade. Blessing’s test scores at the new school, however, placed her in the second grade because of her reading skill. Stephen, who works closely with families in the village, was concerned how Blessing and her mom would take the news.

“I was pleasantly surprised how the conversation went,” shared Stephen. Once he finished explaining why Blessing would need to go back to the second grade, to improve her reading skills, her mother smiled. “It doesn’t matter,” she said. “Just let her enjoy her education. As long as she can get along in the classroom and is receiving the best education, that’s what matters to me.” Blessing’s response was similar – the young girl was humble and excited to be starting at a new school.

Back2Back is excited to share Blessing is flourishing in her current grade. She is doing really well, and the additional support she is receiving in reading is evident, especially during Bible study. Blessing’s late father was a pastor, and the time she had with him left a deep desire to know God. Kenneth, another tutor at the education center, shared Blessing has more Bible verses committed to memory than any other child. Blessing has a strong desire to know God; she wants to learn about His character, the miracles He’s performed, and she loves studying her Bible. Blessing’s increased reading abilities have only served in stirring her passion for learning more about God and His ways.

Blessing is developing her confidence as a reader and as a daughter of the King. If you would like to join us in ensuring each child receives the exact education they need to succeed, consider sponsoring a child or giving monthly to the care fund.