A Family of Support

Back2Back Nigeria is diligent about offering community and growth opportunities for the children served and staff providing consistent care.

“The Hope Program families are simply amazing,” shared Amanda. “They have created such an amazing bond among the different homes and teens.”

Hope Parents not only share similar roles as mentors and guides through life, but they share friendship with each other. “The Hope Parents have come to truly rely on each other for support, encouragement, advice, and care,” explained Amanda. During school breaks and weekends, Hope Parents and students visit each other in their homes, and throughout the year, they gather together for cookouts.

“In many ways, it’s a larger family that loves and supports each other, even though they live separately,” shared Amanda. The gatherings serve as opportunities for fellowship and fun, and are a reminder to each student that family is constant and invaluable to growth.

Please pray as potential House Parents are selected for a new, fourth Hope Program House in Nigeria. Pray for discernment, wisdom, and trust in God as the decision is made.