Defying the Odds

Victor’s back was to the kitchen in Rancho de los Niños Children’s Home. He watched Ada, a volunteer at the home, as she got up. His big, brown eyes followed her until she walked out of his line of sight. He heard her enter the kitchen to prepare his lunch. He slowly leaned back as far as he could go in his wheelchair to see her. His caregiver laughed and turned him around towards the kitchen, and he smiled at Ada.

A year ago, Victor wasn’t able to maintain eye with people or objects moving around him, and he rarely exhibited emotion when someone was near. “His improvement has been remarkable to see,” shared Ethan Drent, Back2Back Staff. “He was lucky to hold a few seconds of visual contact, but now objects and people are holding his attention for several minutes.”

Ada isn’t the only one who Victor follows. He’s beginning to recognize people, smiling when someone he knows enters the room, or a favorite character comes on the TV. “He loves Johnny Bravo,” laughed Ethan. “When Johnny Bravo comes on TV, Victor is alert and more animated than we’ve ever seen him.”

Victor’s eyesight is not his only improvement. Remaining confined to his chair used to create a great deal of distress and discomfort for him. “One year ago, Victor couldn’t sit up by himself. He often had to be secured into his chair to avoid slumping, but now he sits up on his own, for multiple hours at a time,” shared Ethan. “He’s also sitting completely by himself on the floor.” Additionally, Victor is learning to chew his food, allowing for a more balanced and nutritious diet. He is also identifying safe people and welcoming them into his space.

Young Victor continues to defy the odds and prove his willpower is strong, His God is stronger, and his disabilities don’t define him.

Faithful sponsorship dollars help caregivers, nurses, physical therapists, and a special education teacher provide specific care to children like Victor. We are thankful for child sponsors for their diligent partnership with Rancho de los Niños Children’s Home and celebrating alongside us, each milestone. Learn more about Child Sponsorship with Back2Back.