Providing Celebration

The huge ball of Saran Wrap sat in the middle of the table. The teens at Jesus Name Children’s Home could see small treats and toys hidden beneath the layers of plastic. Wadson Delvar, Back2Back staff, explained the game to the children. Each of them would get a turn to unwrap the ball of Saran Wrap, and gather as many treats as they could before someone rolled a seven on a pair of dice.

“It was a lot of fun to see the kids hurrying to get the candy,” shared Matt Ellis, Back2Back staff and Co-Captain at Jesus Name. This game was one activity during the Christmas celebration recently at Jesus Name Children’s Home.

Wadson and Matt, along with each of their families, went to the home early one morning for a Christmas breakfast with all the teens. “We made and served pâté for everyone and spent a lot of time playing games,” shared Matt.

The families of Matt and Wadson made a special celebration memorable. As the teens get to know Matt and Wadson and their families, connections are forged between them and the staff children. This can, over time, serve as a meaningful model of how healthy families treat and care for each other.

“Sponsorship money helped pay for the food we served, and we were able to purchase a television for the home, too,” shared Matt. Soccer matches are a favorite to watch, and the television will help make that happen.

“Isaiah, the director of Jesus Name, is keeping the remote to the TV,” shared Matt. “This will be an additional way the teens will learn about boundaries and rules with something that is a privilege.”

The next day, Isaiah led a second celebration where they opened gifts from each other and their sponsors.

Thank you for helping to provide celebration, and being a continual reminder of love and family, no matter where you are.