A Future Worth the Fight

Luis watched his mom collect pesos and count back change to the customer, who had just purchased a pair of shoes. She smiled at Luis’ mom before leaving. He watched his mom write down the purchase on a yellow pad of paper. There’s gotta be an easier way to keep records of what we sell, Luis thought to himself. For the first time in a long time, he felt hope take shape as he thought about college, learning more about numbers, and being able to help his family.

Seventeen-year old Luis wasn’t always daydreaming about college and finding sustainable work. Luis, having struggled with fitting in, chose a difficult path, and left school before finishing junior high.

“I got in touch with Luis’ mom, and suggested Luis and Johana, his younger sister, join programming at Bonfil,” shared Eloise Navarro, Back2Back Staff. Staff members were hopeful this would change Luis’ mind about school.

Luis and his sister began attending the Bonfil Community Center soon after, participating in devotions and tutoring classes with Back2Back staff. The more time Luis spent with Ersy, a tutor at Bonfil, learning about God and His love for him, the more his hardened edges softened. Once shut off and disrespectful, Luis was becoming unafraid of showing vulnerability.

“He now shows a great deal of affection and obedience to his mom,” shared Eloise. “Luis seemed to realize God’s way was best, and it changed something within him. He began talking about school, his future, and what was possible for his life and family.”

Ersy helped Luis enroll in online classes and worked alongside the teen as he studied. Luis completed his junior high schooling in December of 2017, and is already looking toward beginning high school. Luis is fascinated by numbers and wants to pursue business, in order to help his mom sell goods at the local market.

Luis is focused, looking forward to what he can become, and what he can offer to his family as he chases after his dreams. Thank you for faithfully supporting children in the Bonfil neighborhood as they realize their futures are worth the fight.