Pursuing Excellence

Dr. Kevin Browne, a forensic psychologist from the University of Nottingham, visited the Back2Back Mazatlán site in October. Browne’s extensive knowledge on child sexual abuse, abandonment and neglect, attachment theory, and deinstitutionalization greatly benefited the Back2Back staff. Dr. Browne’s vast knowledge on this wide array of topics helped to better inform Back2Back’s methods of care in pursuing healing for children who come from trauma.

Dr. Browne facilitated a two-day conference while in Mazatlán, in which he discussed the warning signs of child sexual abuse and its detection and prevention. Conference participants were encouraged to break into small groups following lectures. They discussed applicable ways to implement newfound knowledge with the children they serve.

Following the conference, Dr. Browne met with Back2Back Hope Program parents, directors and captains of each partner children’s home. They were able to discuss where they could improve and implement new techniques in caring for the children.

Back2Back strives to continually provide best practice care to each child by using resources and instruction received. “Dr. Browne offered a lot of information and research to back up execution of care for children from trauma,” shared Meredith Shuman, Back2Back Mazatlán staff. “The staff team was thankful to see, in many areas, we are on the right track in the care we give, and we are inspired to pursue excellence in the areas that need improvement.” As the Lord invites us to be a part of the children’s healing, Back2Back is excited to seek more training and face each challenge hand-in-hand with every child.