Playing with Ease

The boys run fast under the heat of the sun on an uneven slope of land. Djackenson kicks the soccer ball hard towards Robenson, hopeful his teammate will make the goal. Robenson kicks the ball and it narrowly misses. A collective “UGH!” fills the air. The ball is retrieved, and the game resumes.

This was often the scene during a game of soccer at Jesus Name Children’s Home. Play was never impossible, but with little shade and uneven slopes of land, it wasn’t easy. Recently, Back2Back Haiti staff were able to raise funds to afford a new, more level play area at Jesus Name.



The new play space is flat, and has a small lip of blocks around it on all sides. This area is safer and allows soccer matches or group games to be played with greater ease. Eventually, a concrete slab will be added to one end of the play area to allow space for sitting and resting. Staff is also hopeful there will be shade added soon. For now, though, the children are running and playing in the new area, grateful for level ground, and the reminder that all their needs matter.