Ringing in Celebration

It is a beautiful day in Monterrey, Mexico. The atmosphere at the Back2Back Campus is busy, Hope Program students playing soccer on the field, staff members gathering for a recap of the day, and visiting mission guests finishing up dinner.

The bustle of the campus is pierced with the sound of a ringing bell. Everyone stops, looking up to see who is celebrating.They know when the bell rings, it’s a story of hope. It could be a student graduating, celebrating years of perseverance and commitment. It might be a teen accepting Christ, with the people most important to him gathered. It might simply be a set goal accomplished, understood best by the one ringing the bell and those surrounding him. Whatever is being celebrated, the campus understands their role is to cheer alongside, lifting up the bell-ringer in prayer, reminding the celebrant and all who listen that life lived in community was always God’s design. Together they recognize success is possible with a team of support and love.