To Be Treasured

Oct 19, 2017

Steph Duff

“We have a gift for each of you as we end our time!” Janice Hickman looked out at the girls sitting around her. “It’s a special gift; it’s the coolest gift! It’s unique and precious. Who wants to see it?!” The girls smiled excitedly and, one by one, followed one of the Haiti summer interns into a different room.

Every girl was handed a cardboard box to open as they entered. Eager to see the special, unique gift, the girls quickly opened the box and looked to the bottom. A mirror showed their own reflection. Eyes looked up quizzically as the staff members spoke truth over each growing girl. You are unique. You are special. There is no one else like you. You are treasured. You are made in the image of God.

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These words, along with lessons on speaking kindly to others, and to ourselves, were just part of the intentional time recently given to the girls who live at Jesus Name Children’s Home in Haiti.

“The girls are getting older and, as many teens do, they can struggle with their belief systems and self-esteem,” shared Janice Hickman, Back2Back Haiti staff. “We wanted to remind each girl they were made in God’s image and our differences from each other are a good thing.”

Staff members brought the girls from their home to the Back2Back team house several times. They shared lunch together, and had a small lesson on who they are as daughters to the King.

“On one of the days we swam, watched Moana and discussed what the main character learns about herself,” shared Janice.

As the Back2Back Haiti staff family builds into the lives of the girls at Jesus Name Children’s Home, they reinforce their treasured status.


Steph Duff is a writer, daughter, sister, and really loud laugher. By day she lends her voice on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children with Back2Back Ministries. By night she is readily found with her nose in a book and spending time with her dog, Telulah. At all hours, she can be found consuming copious amounts of coffee. She feels most herself in the heat of India and prefers her mugs big, her books long, and her words intentional.

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