Remembering His Limits

“Come here, Selnan, let’s say our ABC’s together,” Israel, Rukuba Children’s Home Director, called to the small boy. Selnan walked over and sat with Israel. They said their ABC’s together and then worked on his first grade homework. Israel smiled at the young boy’s progress.

Selnan arrived at Rukuba Children’s Home at the age of two. He was born with sickle cell anemia and spent much of his first two years of life in significant pain and without proper treatment. “When he arrived at the home he was just learning words and how to walk,” shared Israel and Katharina, the directors of the home. Selnan began receiving proper treatment for his illness, and when his health declines, he is taken to a well-equipped hospital near the home to recuperate. Selnan, while growing stronger with the right medical assistance, stands smaller than other boys his age, but what he lacks in physical strength and ability, he makes up for with charm.

“Selnan has always amazed me for a couple of reasons,” shared Katharina. “He has an incredible ability to make friends easily. He is gifted socially, and with a beautiful smile. Because of this, he is not easily forgotten by any who meet him. I am also always touched how he lives his life without bitterness or sadness for what he isn’t able to do.” Selnan cannot do as much as the other children, but he is very accepting of it. The young boy participates in what he can, when he can, but is always remembering his limits.

Selnan is in first grade this year at Mashiah Academy, where many of the other children attend. While he sometimes struggles to remain focused and complete his homework, Selnan is a bright young boy who often surprises his teachers with answers wiser than his age. He and Kephas, another boy in the home, are in the same class and are looking forward to learning to read this year. “Each day when they arrive home from school, they come home happy and with smiling faces,” shared Katharina. “We are thankful for the growth we continue to see in Selnan.”

Faithful support from Back2Back Child Sponsorship and dedicated relationship to children like Selnan allows staff at Rukuba Children’s Home to provide the most effective medication available to reduce his pain from sickle cell. He continues to receive treatment, and is growing slowly but surely. You can be the difference for Selnan and other children like him by becoming a child sponsor. Please join us in prayer that Selnan’s health will continue to improve, allowing him to play, laugh, and grow alongside the other children in the home.