Reckless Faith: Mangin Family

This month’s guest writer is Kelly Mangin. The Mangin family has been traveling with Back2Back to Cancun since 2011. Kelly and her husband Kevin, along with their three children, have been sponsoring Sofi and Chave since 2012 and visit Cancun yearly.

Before we got the call, I remember asking God for a miracle.  In all the days, months, and years of praying on behalf of Sofia and Chave, I boldly told God I wanted to see more of His power here on earth. I needed to see the impossible become possible.

Our family began sponsoring Silva* and Gloria* in 2011. My husband, Kevin, had visited the twins at a children’s home on his first visit to Cancun.  He walked into their home and saw the girls dressed in princess dresses. The dresses they wore had formerly belonged to our girls, and had been sent in a donation box prior to his arrival. It was an instant connection for Kevin and the twins.  He came back from the trip feeling like God had placed them in our family.  We became their sponsors and began a journey of writing letters, sending packages, and visiting them every year after.


I continued to ask the Lord to show me a miracle on this side of Heaven.  I wanted to feel His power in a new way.  I wanted to see the impossible become possible.  We had already seen the Community Center in Tres Reyes erupt from dirt and rubble, now what else did God have for us to marvel?

In February of this year we received a call from Erick and Julie Mowery, Back2Back Cancun Co-Directors. They began to share the vision of reunification for the twins and their family.  We immediately knew this was the impossible becoming possible.  Erick and Julie kept us updated as the house was repaired and prepared for the twins’ arrival.  Our annual trip in 2017 was going to coincide with the official move-in day for Silvia* and Gloria*; our family could not be more excited to be a part of their special day! Julie arranged for the twins to have fun and personalized room décor, their own desks, and hot pink bedding.  The twins were beyond elated!

The day of reunification came and our team had the wonderful opportunity to put the finishing touches on the family home.  They finished the kitchen counters, made a special picnic table for the family to eat on, and even made a chicken coop for them to have sustaining food. We hung decorations on the walls, dressed the beds, and watched the girls finally move home. We gathered around their family and prayed a blessing of protection and unity over them.  We were amazed at the glory of God in that moment.

This is not a story about what we are offering to Silvia* and Gloria*.  This is a story about a God who answers prayers, in His timing, and makes the impossible become possible.  He put back together something that was never meant to be apart.  The girls left the children’s home and went home to be with their family. It was our privilege to be a small part of this story of reunion, to see our faith be stretched, and to see our God be glorified for the miracle He made in the twins’ lives.

Tour Silvia* and Gloria’s* new home!